ARGON TEST, one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of material testing equipment, operates in Ankara İvedik Organized Industrial Zone with its experienced and expert staff.
Allocating 80% of its production to export, ARGON TEST is one of the largest providers of material testing equipment in the Middle East market.
Making a difference in the design of material testing equipment, ARGON TEST has crowned this success with many award

Our Company Values

  • To provide customer and quality oriented production and service.
  • To ensure customer and staff satisfaction.
  • To present all customer demands seamlessly and professionally.
  • To create resources for employee and customer training.
  • Fulfilling social responsibilities, providing a plus for our country and our globalizing world.
  • To follow the latest technological developments and provide appropriate conditions and put them into service.
  • To take planned steps towards institutionalization and to invest heavily in this regard.

Mission, Vission and Values

Our Mission

  • To increase the variety of products without sacrificing quality in accordance with customer needs and demands.
  • To maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and to ensure its permanence.
  • To consolidate and expand our place in the market by folding the customer portfolio that we serve for many years.
  • To maintain our leadership in the domestic market in terms of advanced technology, product variety, quality and turnover, To increase the number of foreign dealers and distributors to a great extent throughout the year.
  • To enter the first tranche of the world ranking in the sector and take the leading position.
  • Sektördeki dünya sıralamasında ilk dilime girmek ve lider konumda yer almak
  • To maintain the management principle that is sensitive to the environment and nature, respectful to the society and promising in its production and processes

 Our Mission

  • In the building materials and test equipment sector; To help control and maintain quality control by producing advanced technological devices that meet customer needs without sacrificing quality in accordance with standards, without harming the environment and nature.